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Universidad de Málaga
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The University of Málaga (UMA, Universidad de Málaga) is a public university established in 1972. UMA’s campus is situated in the city of Málaga, on the south coast of Spain. Málaga university counts almost 40,000 students and 2,000 researchers.

The history of the University of Málaga begins in 1968 with the creation of the Association of Friends of the University of Málaga (Asociación de Amigos de la Universidad de Málaga). This association sought the creation of the university because of the needs of the city (it was the only European city of over 300,000 inhabitants which did not have a university.) The University of Málaga was founded by decree of 18 August 1972 by grouping existing centers in the late 1960s: the Polytechnic University of Málaga (Spanish: Escuela Universitaria Politécnica) established in 1928, the Normal School, the Faculty of Economics and the Seminar.

At the time of creation, the university provided the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Medicine, which was created after the ratification of the decree. Its first location was the El Ejido Campus, along with several administrative centres around the city. After several years of constant change has become a public university with an average of 37,000 students enrolled each year (2002) and 4000 graduates per year (2002) working side by side with 1,800 researchers (2001).

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