Dynamics of Long-Life Assets

Think differently about what you do, how you work and how you manage people, systems and processes.

“Dynamics of Long Life Assets – From Technology Adaptation to Upgrading the Business Model”, a book published from the experiences and insights gained from the Use-It-Wisely project, is now available for download and purchase.
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Let’s design out waste for a real Circular Economy

In this article which was initially published by and authored by Simon Wilson of the Green Alliance, the role of design in circular economy is addressed. The author believes ‘Designing out’ resource inefficiencies means that products can be used and re-used for longer, repaired more easily, and ultimately recycled to provide new industrial inputs. Read more

Ocean Shipyards

Keeping Tourism Afloat

Ocean Shipyard is a family-run business whose history can be traced back almost a hundred years. The father and grandfather of Vassilis Stratis founded Ocean and started out supplying small wooden fishing boats to fishermen in Northern Greece. Vassilis now works with his father in a state of the art shipyard just outside Athens in Greece, supplying a range of vessels, from passenger boats for the tourism industry, to boats for personal and recreational use, as well as industrial and professional uses. Read more

Thought Leader

The transition from consumption to reuse requires systematic change says Pieter Noorlander, CEO of innovative Dutch furniture manufacturers Gispen.
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The Valley: Demonstrating the Circular Economy at Scale

This article by Circulate highlights the leading role the Netherlands is playing in paving the way towards Europe’s Circular Economy goals. The author highlights a particular project undertaken by Delta Development Group, Schiphol Group and the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer in July to develop a circular subarea within Schiphol Trade Park – the Valley.  Read more Circular economy: Getting the circulation going

This article, which was written by Barbara Kiser for, discusses the evolution of the circular economy and the current hurdles the model faces today.  Read more

Proseco project

Use-It-Wisely collaborates with sister EU Project ProSEco

Dr Stephen Fox, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, led Use-It-Wisely’s first research collaboration with a sister EU project ProSEco. Read more