Use-it-Wisely's Community of Practice

Collaboration for Innovation: Use It Wisely’s Sector Connector Community

Collaboration between previously unconnected sectors has emerged as one of the main benefits of the Use-It-Wisely project. Industrial, SME, academic and research partners have connected their thinking and ways of working to address challenges and objectives they didn’t even know they had in common. This has inspired UIW partners to think outside the box and apply tools and methods from a completely different sector to their own business, with surprising results. Read more

Göran Granholm

Note from the Use-It-Wisely Project Coordinator: It’s Showtime!

As Use-It-Wisely is in its final year, the project coordinator Göran Granholm took the time to write a short note on where he sees the project going during its final year. Find out what he had to say below.

Following over two years of intense research and development, the project is now in its final stage. It is time to bring to light the excellent outcomes of the six industrial clusters which span turbines, spacecrafts, office furniture, trucks, vessels and rock crushing machinery research. This will be achieved through a series of live demonstrations and dissemination events carried out both locally on the factory floors of different organisations across Europe, and collectively through joint dissemination events.
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The Research Behind Developing a Successful Community of Practice

Alyson Langley is a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham (UNOTT). Alyson spoke to us to explain her work, and her colleagues’, as members of the Use-It-Wisely (UIW) consortium.  Read more

Horizon 2020

Ensuring Use-It-Wisely Research Benefits European Citizens

Enna Palander-Palonen is a Project Manager at Hermia Business Development Ltd. Enna has a Master’s in Business Administration and has been working with start-up companies and European funded research projects for over 10 years. She is focused on the exploitation of Use-It-Wisely’s results to ensure that European citizens benefits from the project’s insights. Read more