About Use-It-Wisely


Below are links to a series of information posters, one for each relevant sector/project cluster, detailing the actions and results from participation in the Use-It-Wisely project.

Cluster 01 – Turbines
Collaborative management of inspection results in power plant turbines

Cluster 02 – Rock Crushers
Upgrading in Mining & Construction Business
(Metso / RDVelho / VTT)

Cluster 03 – Space
Space Cluster: a Solution-Oriented Quicker Collaboration Suite
(Thales Alenia Space / Altec / Vastalla)

Cluster 04 – Vehicles
Virtual Reality Evaluation of Factory Changes
(Volvo / Chalmers University)

Cluster 05 – Shipping
A holistic approach to managing small naval vessels: From business innovation to VR visualisation
(ICCS / INSB / Ocean / Seability)

Cluster 06 – Furniture
Sustainable Product Design and Reuse
(Gispen / TNO)

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