The Advent of Apps

The wider innovation and manufacturing activity happening across the technology sector is a great example of the way an industry can move beyond the state of the art, similar to the way the Use-it-Wisely project will help manufacturers to move beyond the state of the art and help them to deal with changing customer demands.

A really interesting piece in the Guardian today outlined how Apple and Google stores held over one million apps a piece by the end of last year. Apps have affected and changed most industries from education to gaming and almost every industry in between.

Apps have been at the centre of data protection debates and a reason for caution for fear that the app bubble might pop – not necessarily a bad thing according to this article. They have attracted big investments, generated lucrative acquisitions and made billions of dollars in revenues.

The article discusses the big trends around apps and the developers, startups and brands that are making and releasing them in 2014. These include new platforms, education, and messaging apps.

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