Ford and Siemens: Googling the Future of Manufacturing

This article by Industry Week discusses how innovation over the past 5 years has been focused on creating reality out of data – a seamless integration between things and information, between activity and data. Global players such as Google are leading the trend with products like Google Glass.

Ford, Google, and Siemens have teamed up to give a clear view of how this future is really going to look. It came in the form of Siemens’ IntoSite application, which Ford will soon begin piloting across several of its facilities.

According to Siemens, the software, which is one-part simulation, one-part communication, one part PLM and one part Google Earth is designed to help improve communication efficiency, globalisation and standardization across a diverse array of manufacturing facilities and assembly plants.

The piece includes a video showing the seemingly endless possibilities in relation to applications and how they create reality from data.

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