Use It Wisely Final Press Release Featured in Science|Business

Last week, ‘Science|Business’ the EU innovation and research driven news publication, published the final press release of the Use-It-Wisely project,

highlighting the project’s cross-sectoral results in researching new tools for more efficient production.

The press release, which was also featured in the Science|Business weekly newsletter, recognized that cross-sector collaboration was one of key benefits throughout the project, fuelling more efficient cross-sectoral research and more project breakthroughs.

Eddie Shaw, dissemination manager for the Use-It-Wisely network, said,

“Across six distinct industries, knowledge-sharing led to new and improved tools, development and use of 3D, virtual and augmented technology in the manufacture, maintenance and upgrading of high value and complex products and services.”


The full press release article can be accessed here.

The Science|Business homepage can be accessed here.

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