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The Netherlands

Gispen International BV
Parallelweg West 23,
4104 AZ Culemborg,

Tel: +31 (0)345 474 211
Fax: +31 (0)345 520 169

Gispen is our name. We are an inspiring and skillfull partner to our clients. And for our buyers, our products are reliable and made of surprising and sustainable design.

As designer, manufacturer and supplier, we create optimum environments that have a positive influence on people. It is our persuasion that well-designed products and cleverly furnished spaces lead to inspiration as well as motivation. Due to intensive cooperation with national and international designers, clients, partners and suppliers, innovative and stimulating solutions are realised for living, working, learning and residing.

Sustainability: how to maximise human well-being and at the same time to minimise environmental strain. Lifecycle and also recycling are always a starting point when drafting a design. These starting points determine the manner of production and ultimately recycling again. We also involve our clients continuously with our aspiration for maximum durability. Furthermore, we also offer new talented (designers) the chance to develop themselves on a social level.

We believe in the power of Innovation. Just like designer Willem Hendrik Gispen, who made his products accessible to a wide public. Our focus is set on renewal, with attention to well-being, technology and environment. This method results in smart solutions for the home and working environment in order to give people the chance to thrive.

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