Use-It-Wisely breakthroughs highlighted in official EU project news portal CORDIS

CORDIS recently published their impressions of the Use-It-Wisely final dissemination event on their website, pointing to how the project offers a comprehensive solution for improving products and services through effective upgrade innovation, allowing for sustainable solutions to customer demands. CORDIS highlighted research results harnessing Virtual Reality technology, Circular Economy principles, 3D modelling and the legacy of the project for the continued development of European manufacturing.

The full article can be accessed here.

The CORDIS homepage can be accessed here.

Use-It-Wisely final dissemination event featured in EU-research magazine Science|Business

EU research and innovation news service ‘Science|Business’ recently published the highlights of the Use-It-Wisely final dissemination event on their website, detailing how the results of the project pave the way for sustainable upgrades and practices in European manufacturing.

The event, held in Brussels last month, assembled key project partners to share their research in addressing sustainability changes across sectors including power plant turbines, space products and office furniture.

DG Research programme manager Erastos Filos said: “[The project] has created innovative frameworks and tools using virtual reality [and] augmented reality, as well as business models that allow European manufacturers to face the challenges of rapidly changing markets.”

The full article can be accessed here.

The Science|Business homepage can be accessed here.

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